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Hi, we’re Hisense, a world-class technology company with a big family of products that bring excitement and joy to millions of people around the world.

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unapologetically amazing.

Owning a Hisense Laser TV makes every seat in your room the best seat. At every distance and angle, images are sharp and comfortable to watch for an immersive home-theater experience. Where giant LED screen TVs with back panels can weigh 100+ pounds and require wall-mounting, Hisense’s line of 4K UHD Laser TVs weigh less than 45 pounds — which makes moving them from room to room easier. There’s NO intrusive installation, NO messy equipment and NO room darkening requirements that come with owning a Laser TV. They come with paper-thin, lightweight and easy-to-hang, anti-reflective screens that will turn your wall into a museum-like art exhibit and make all other TVs look like prima donnas.

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feast your eyes on the ultimate.

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We all screen for "Hi" screens. Get to know Hisense 4K TVs.

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We're trying to think of a room in your house that you wouldn't put a Hisense appliance in, and we can't.

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Even though Hisense is one of the largest TV brands on the planet, with all kinds of stuff available in over 130 countries, it's possible you've never heard of us. But that's OK! Our TVs and appliances are going to rock your world, so let's hurry up and get acquainted.

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